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Inspection Survey

Dritan Fresh Air Care can provide an in-depth FREE survey and quotation. This will outline your cleaning requirements, along with the measures needed to remedy any potential hazards.

Photographic Report

As a minimum every project carried out by our team will be provided with a before and after photographic report.

Duct Hygiene Analysis Testing

We can provide on request a detailed report showing the results of dust and microbiological samples and air quality measurements. All our recommendations strictly adhere to HVCA TR19 and best practice. These recommendations will help you assess current risks and plan a future maintenance schedule. Using state of the art equipment such as robotic video camera, endoscopic inspections, HVCA TR19 vacuum tests, HVCA TR19 Deposit Thickness Tests, airborne and surface contact bacteria and fungi testing, MRSA testing, airflow readings, temperature and humidity readings, particle counters and air contaminant testing such as CO2 & Ozone.

Air Hygiene Ductwork Cleaning

Fresh, clean air in buildings is essential for providing a safe, comfortable and efficient working environment for staff and visitors. In achieving this keeping the 'Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning' HVAC ductwork system clean is a key factor. Over a period of time it is inevitable that all ductwork systems will become dirty to a varying extent. The best way to deal with this problem is to incorporate a sensible hygiene maintenance programme. If you as an employer or buildings manager are worried about the effects that a dirty ventilation system can have on your staff and visitors environment and well being, then Dritan Fresh Air Care can provide the ideal professional, thorough duct cleaning service. Using the latest state of the art technology and techniques to ensure maximum cleaning results with minimum disruption.
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Kitchen Extract Cleaning

The key ingredients to any successful commercial kitchen isn't always what goes into the food. At the core of an efficiently managed kitchen is a clean and safe extract system. These systems are the perfect place for a build up of grease, oil and various other deposits. The regular cleaning of filters and canopy hoods is easy, but what about the rest of the ductwork and fans, remember out of sight shouldn't mean out of mind. If unattended these out of sight areas can start to build up and will result in a potential fire risk. At Dritan Fresh Air Care we aim to take away your worries by providing a thorough, expert kitchen extract duct cleaning service, giving you the peace of mind that everything will be cleaned to the latest HVCA TR19 standards and that we are insurance company compliant. We can ensure that you meet your fire safety obligations by removing grease and other deposits with a schedule of regular cleaning devised to suit your individual kitchen requirements. Whether you run a hotel, restaurant, catering facility or any kind of commercial kitchen environment, we can provide you with the perfect tailor-made cleaning service at regular intervals from quarterly to annually.
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Fire Damper Survey

Depending on the type and style of fire dampers, routine inspection and maintenance is required at a maximum of 12 months for spring operated and 2 years for other styles. At Dritan Fresh Air Care we can provide this service, by locating all your fire dampers, making sure they are within the correct fire containment area and are fully accessible. Inspection and maintenance will then include cleaning, lubricating, drop testing and resetting to ensure all fire dampers are in perfect working order.

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