Kitchen Extract Cleaning

The Kitchen is definitely one place where you just cannot afford to let standards slip - for hygiene, safety and legal reasons.

Q. Does your insurance cover you if your extract system is not cleaned? The answer is most likely, NO, most insurance companies will require kitchen ductwork systems to be cleaned a minimum of every 12 months, to HVCA guideline standards.

The Cleaning Process

Using the latest cleaning processes and equipment Dritan Fresh Air Care aim to provide cleaning results which are second to none.

The most effective way to clean ductwork, is to scrape off the surplus grease and then treat the area with specialist chemicals.

Access Doors

The correct fitting of access doors, both size and distance apart, is essential in achieving a through clean, especially where long runs of ducting are involved, holes have to be cut, to gain access. These holes are then fitted with access doors, so that they can then be used for easy access for every subsequent cleaning operation, without the need for further holes. Once fitted this also allows for easy inspection of the system as required.

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