Air Hygiene Ductwork Cleaning

Sick Building Syndrome is a term used to describe a range of symptoms suffered by office workers, such as headaches, fatigue, difficulties in concentrating and respiratory problems. Some researchers believe that high levels of bacteria and fungi in air ventilation systems could be to blame.

Sick Building Syndrome could seriously affect your staff, business reputation and financial stability. Meanwhile, a lack of preventative maintenance will lead to premature deterioration of ventilation systems and additional costs.

The Cleaning Process

Using the latest cleaning processes and equipment Dritan Fresh Air Care aim to provide cleaning results which are second to none.

  • Mechanical Brushing (Rotary Brush) - The ductwork surface is brushed with a mechanical action, then the dust and debris is removed using an air mover with filter.
  • Air Whip / Skipper Ball - A rubber hose or ball which under pressure agitates the walls of the ductwork.
  • Hand Vacuum - Dust and debris is removed from the ductwork using suction..

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